Athearn Marine Agency
Athearn Marine specializes in the brokerage of commercial fishing
vessels and related services and the transfer of state and federal fishing permits. Athearn operates out of Fairhaven Massachusetts, USA and serves the eastern seaboard of the USA.
Universal Marine Consultants Inc.
Boats and Realty Canada has offered services in Real Estate since the 1960's and has developed into one of the leading and most reputable real
estate companies in Nova Scotia. In addition, Boats and Realty offers brokerage services in the pleasure boat industry. The company has maintained top quality service to its customers for many years.

Marine Services International
Marine Services International Ltd. (MSI) provide naval architectural and marine surveying services to offshore oil and marine related
businesses. Over the years MSI has built a solid customer base which includes the Canadian Coast Guard, general commercial shipping companies, as well as offshore oil companies.


The TriNav Group of Companies consist of marine consulting firms which provide diverse and comprehensive services including Brokerage, Marine Surveying, Naval Architecture,Seafood Brokerage, Real Estate Brokerage, Fisheries Consulting and Publishing.

TriNav Marine Brokerage
TriNav Marine Brokerage Inc., is an established and well known Marine Brokerage firm that provides a variety of brokerage services to all sectors of the fishing industry.
With its headquarters in St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador and offices in Yarmouth and Antingonish Nova Scotia, and Petite Lemeque, New Brunswick, TriNav is readily able to service the needs of the fishing industry.

TriNav Marine Design
provides a very diverse and comprehensive list of services to the marine industry which includes complete design packages, stability analysis, design modifications & conversions, detailed drafting & production design, and vessel surveying.

TFC Inc. offers professional prompt, reliable and top quality fisheries consulting and seafood brokerage services at competitive prices to the fishing industry, both locally and world-wide.

The Navigator Publishing produces quarterly publications for local companies and organizations as well as brochures, pamphlets, newsletters and magazines.

The main account at the Navigator Publishing is The Navigator Magazine, a monthly magazine serving the fishing and marine industries in Atlantic Canada and the Eastern United States.

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